Materials, Parts and Supplies

On one hand lutherie is just like any other area of woodworking. But there are a number of materials, parts and supplies that are very specific to lutherie. Some of those are outlined here.

By the way, I want to send a shout out to wood and guitar template supplier Kevin Waldron at Waldron Music for his help and generosity. The lutherie world could use more suppliers like him.

Initial appearance: June 2008
Last updated: November 06, 2021

Domestic Wood Species for Fine Guitars

We tend to be very traditional when it comes to selecting wood for use in guitars, particularly for classical guitars. There are good reasons to believe that, at least as far as tone is concerned, this conservatism is not all that warranted.

Plywood: Some Observations and a Report on the Use of Laminated Wood in Lutherie

Laminated wood is not used in the best of instruments but there may be situations where it is not only acceptable but even superior to solid wood.

Product Review: Ameritage Carrying Cases

Really good-looking custom made carrying cases for musical instruments, from Ameritage, a company that bends over backwards to make you happy.

About Alcohols Used as Solvents in French Polishing

Most any kind of pure or nearly pure simple alcohol can be used as a solvent for shellac, because shellac will dissolve completely in any of them. But the choice of what kind of alcohol to use gets complicated pretty fast when issues of application, availability, price and safety are considered.


• Latest American Lutherie article: "Steel String Guitar Nut Slotting Using a Stick-On Template", American Lutherie #145 Table of Contents

• Latest research article: "Quantifying Player-Induced Intonation Errors of the Steel String Acoustic Guitar"

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