CAD Drawings of Stringed Instrument Parts

In any other industry manufacturers and distributors of hardware components would make CAD drawings of those components available, so designers wouldn't have to waste their time drawing these things from scratch. For some reason this is not the way it works in the stringed musical instrument business. Maybe there just aren't enough designers using CAD software? In any case, here are the drawings for some of the components I have for you to download. All were drawn by me and could contain errors. All are in zipped files containing AutoCAD 2000 or 2004 .dwg and .dxf formatted files.

Check out the page containing tips on using the CAD drawings for more information. Let me take this opportunity to encourage hardware and component manufacturers to make CAD drawings of your parts available.

Don't forget to check out my Instruments Page for complete downloadable instrument plans.

The downloadable drawings are copyrighted and made available for non-commercial use only. The drawings may not be redistributed.

Last updated: August 26, 2019

 Download Violin Family (mostly upright bass) Parts (.zip)

Double bass tuning machines, double bass end pin, bass bridge adjuster wheel, a scalable scroll spiral outline and a very nice Strad style ff-hole. The scroll spiral was copied from a violin using quarter turn arcs. It is not scaled to any particular instrument but can be scaled to suit any of the violin family instruments. The ff-hole is also not scaled to any particular instrument but can be scaled to suit. This was drawn from great instructions by Robert J. Spear which appeared in the second part of an exquisite three part article on drawing the violin in American Lutherie #94.

 Download Electronic Parts (.zip)

Various electronic guitar parts including pickups, jacks, control pots, selector switches and a Gotoh battery box.

 Download Tuning Machines (.zip)

Gotoh and Fender electric bass guitar machines and Gotoh guitar machines.

 Download Bridges and Tail Pieces (.zip)

Manufactured bridges and tail pieces for guitar. Just a top mounted hardtail electric guitar bridge and a Danelectro intonable guitar bridge now.

 Download Misc. Hardware (.zip)

Strap button, Fender neck plate and Stewart MacDonald Hot Rod trussrods.

 Download Complete Fingerboards (.zip)

This file contains top and side view fingerboard drawings for various standard guitars and basses. Each drawing contains 24 frets (remove what you don't need), dot markers, strings (top view), and a proportionally spaced nut. Please let me know if you'd like to see more of these. Also in this file is a simple 1" fret scale. What can you do with this? Using the Scale facility of your CAD program you can scale this up to whatever fret scale you need.

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